04 February, 2007

campaign season super bowl lines overheard & imagined in a time of War

football's america's game now—bet on it!

selective listening for an amusing guide to electoral politics, USA style:

that was a tough run up the middle

you've got to get meaner & nastier

build your team around a strong defense

best defense is an aggressive offense

can he unite this team w/ his leadership & lead them to victory?

go team!
rah! rah! rah!

he never saw it coming

"I've got a confession for you
I ain't no fool!" —Prince

they're not having any success on the ground

"let's get aggressive again"

sooner or later you've got say "we're tired of this" and come with the blitz

their game plan is to get it done through the air

that was a legal hit

they can't just drive through the red zone

the inside players are taking care of it

those numbers just aren't very good

they're playing it safe

you change how they play you—make 'em react to you

it's time for a change-up—what you're doing isn't working

so agonizingly close

it's a little right to left but most of the time it's straight up the middle

they've had trouble following through

you've got to play it safe—can't let them run right by you

no one's ever come back from that kind of deficit

he's looking left & going right


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